Jul 20

Bathroom Lighting Important For Safety


If you suffer from any kind of mobility issues, you’ll know that the bathroom is a place where you have to be particularly careful. This room in the home can often be where trips and slips occur and you need to do everything possible to minimise the risks if you’re already struggling to get around.

There are many modifications you can make to your bathroom, such as installing easy access baths, grab rails and anti-slip flooring. One area that you may not think too much about, but which could further enhance safety in your bathroom, is lighting.

An article in the Journal-News recently explained how lighting in bathrooms has functional as well as aesthetic purposes.

The publication noted that having a well-lit bathroom can reduce the likelihood of people slipping or tripping on an unseen hazard, so you need to ensure that your lighting is bright enough to properly illuminate the space.

Task lighting, focusing on a mirror, is a common feature in many bathrooms, but the news provider also suggested that having the right level of ambient lighting is important to ensure that the space is usable at any time of the day.

Last month, another US publication suggested that you should start thinking about how to modify your home to help you as you age while you’re still physically able to do everything.

It pointed out that this will help to spread the cost of modifications that can be costly if done all at the same time, as well as give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to stay in your own home for years to come even if your health changes.

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