Apr 10

Adapting ‘Key’ To Living With Dementia


When you are diagnosed with dementia life can seem to get more difficult, and for many people it’s a scary time where they worry about what will happen next.

One dementia sufferer, who writes a blog about her experiences, recently wrote an article for the Yorkshire Post explaining that adapting to life with dementia is the key to being able to enjoy yourself.

Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 58. Now 61, she has been sharing her experiences of living with the illness with others. One of her top pieces of advice is to stay busy. She explains that being involved with different things is the best way to keep her brain ticking over.

“If you don’t use it, you lose it – even more so with dementia,” she stated. But one of the main messages she shares is that you need to adapt your life to cope with the condition.

“You can still live positively if you accept that changes need to be made to compensate for the bits of your brain no longer working as they did,” she wrote, adding that this is a constant process because the disease will always bring more challenges that need to be solved.

Adapting can be anything from changing your routine to making physical changes to your property, such as by adding easy access baths, to make it easier for you to carry out everyday tasks in your own home.

Earlier this year, president of Alzheimer’s Research UK David Cameron called on the government to allocate more funds for research into dementia, stressing that the money made available to fight this illness should be on a par with that allocated to tackling cancer or strokes

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