Sep 13

How to enhance your hydrotherapy spa bath experience


One of the most pleasurable activities is to immerse yourself in a hydrotherapy spa bath. By spending time in a hydrotherapy spa bath, you can relax your body, soothe your muscles, and stimulate your skin. Additionally, a hydrotherapy spa bath brings a general feeling of mental well-being. Here are some handy hints to enjoy your bath to the max!

Make sure the water temperature is right

For most people, the perfect bath temperature is around 38 degrees Celsius. Of course some people will prefer slightly cooler or warmer, but it should be a comfortable temperature so that you can fully relax for as long as possible.

Create the atmosphere!

To create a really sumptuous atmosphere you can dim the lights and maybe place some fragrant candles around your bathroom.  Add some soothing music, and you’ll be in seventh heaven!

Bath salts and bubbles

To transform your bath time into a luxury ‘spa’ experience, indulge in some lovely bath salts and bubbles. Aromatherapy scents can create different moods and atmospheres. Lavender is known for relaxing, Eucalyptus is for rejuvenation, whilst zesty lemon is a perfect pick me up.

The final touches for your hydrotherapy spa bath

Whilst in your  hydrotherapy spa bath, you can might enjoy reading a good book or magazine, or even watching your favourite film or TV program. Just be sure not to get so relaxed that you drop off when using any electronic devices!

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