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Jun 21

How Do Walk In Baths Work?


As we get older, our needs are likely to change and we may find that we’re less mobile and less physically capable than we once were. This can be distressing and it can make life difficult, but the good news is that there is a lot you can do to help mitigate your changing circumstances and help you adapt, regardless of what takes place over time.

One common issue that people above a certain age often experience is difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub. It can be challenging and awkward to clamber in and it can be even harder to find the physical strength to lift yourself out of it once you’ve finished bathing.

This is where walk in baths really come into their own. These are excellent utilities to consider installing at home, featuring watertight doors that allow you to get into the bath without having to step in over the side. Once you’ve finished your bath, you simply drain the water and you can get out easily and safely.

There are different options available so you’ll be able to tailor your bath to suit your home and your specific needs. For example, you could go for a full-length tub, or a sit-up bath, or choose between a front or side-opening door, or an inward or outward-opening door.

Perhaps the most important aspect of these baths is the seal and it’s essential that you choose a top-quality product, or you may find the bath leaks and your bathroom floor gets wet, increasing your risk of slips and falls.

With Practical Bathing products, you can rest assured that all our baths have been carefully selected, tested and quality controlled. All our baths, lifts and showers are made in the UK and come with full warranties, so all your bases are covered.

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