Dec 07

Is Multigenerational Living Set To Rise In Popularity?


You can barely go a day without seeing something in the news about the housing crisis in the UK at the moment, so it will probably come as little surprise that people are reconsidering how they live and looking at alternative options.

AOL recently highlighted a study by online estate agent, which found that three in five Brits would consider buying a home with other members of their family and creating a multigenerational household.

What’s more, one in six actually said they would love to live in this kind of home. However, the biggest concern with having this sort of larger household was a lack of privacy.

To make multigenerational living bearable, having separate living spaces was an important factor, as were separate bathrooms and kitchens.

This does make sense though, especially as older members of your family may benefit from the likes of walk in baths that aren’t so appealing to those from younger generations.

In fact, having this kind of bath was recently cited as one of the best adaptations for older people to make to their homes, because they can help prevent slips, trips and falls in the bathroom, New Zealand-based publication GrownUps stated.

Founder of Sarah Beeny commented: “I think some people are starting to turn off from the fast-paced, technology-led way of life that’s become the norm, and wish they could return to more traditional values.”

Although she did add that for multigenerational living to really take off in the UK, there would need to be an increase in larger fit-for-purpose properties on the market.

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