Sep 03

Popular Tourist Locations ‘Not Catering For Disabled People’


The chief executive of Disability Wales has come out and said that services provided for people with disabilities at popular tourist locations around the country are not good enough, with people being excluded because of a lack of accessible facilities.

Rhian Davies noted that disabled people and their families are finding it hard to secure suitable accommodation, find places to eat or even visit locations and attractions because the services, toilets and facilities aren’t available, the BBC reports.

She was quoted by the news source as saying: “One of the basic principles of independent living is for disabled people to have choice and control over how they go about their day-to-day lives. This includes having access to cultural opportunities such as visiting tourist attractions and accessing other recreational activities. Local authorities should do more to ensure accessibility of tourist attractions and events, as should local businesses.”

As a company, it makes good business sense to cater for all people so carrying out a review to see if there are any accessibility improvements that could be made may well be wise.

This could include the installation of smaller items like grab rails in bathrooms or even bidet toilet seats and other toilet aids. These can be easily and quickly fitted to your existing toilet so would be a simple change to your bathroom but one that could really help disabled people feel more included. Powered lifters are also available that could help disabled people lower themselves or get back up when using the loo.

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