bath with easy access door
May 24

How To Make Your Bathroom Safer


As you get older, or if you’ve sustained some kind of injury that has had an impact on how your body moves and feels, you’ll find that you might have to start making a few changes at home to help you go about your daily life.

One of the most dangerous places in the home for anyone who has mobility issues is most definitely the bathroom. The chances of having a slip, trip or fall increase in this particular room because of the amount of water likely to be splashed about. High-sided baths can also be problematic to get in and out of, while shower floors can be incredibly slippery unless proper precautions are taken.

If you can redecorate the bathroom, opt for floor tiles that aren’t glossy to help prevent slippages. Smaller tiles can also help, since there’s more grouting involved. Failing that, make sure you put a rubber slip mat on the floor of the shower and, if required, use grab bars and rails in the shower and next to the tub. You might also want to put one next to the loo in case you have trouble standing up.

The good news is that while these products are highly functional and practical, they come in all sorts of different styles and designs these days so you’re sure to be able to find some that fit the décor of your bathroom.

You should also think about making sure the controls in your shower are within easy reach and it might be a good idea to opt for some kind of shower seating so you can sit down if needed.

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