Nov 29

Is Your Sleep Routine Affecting Your Arthritis?


As you get older there are many aliments that can make life difficult, but there are many steps you can take around your home such as installing a walk in shower bath or bar supports to make daily life easier.

A study has shown how your sleep pattern and routine could affect your health and wellbeing, and that having a set bedtime could possibly avoid muscle and joint pain and some cancers too. A disrupted sleep pattern is common for many of us with hectic lifestyles and it can be difficult to maintain constant routine.

When you experience a broken sleep, it can have a knock on effect on our body clock and in turn affect cells in our bodies. Many of us are aware of the term ‘body clock’ but the exact name for this is circadian rhythm, which sets the tone for how alert and energised we feel each day.

A central clock in our brains manages our responses and keeps us in sync with the outside world, monitoring and responding to any light that enters our eye.

This is called suprachiasmatic nucleus. Most of us will have experienced jet lag and this is our body’s response to being out of sync with our usual routine and our exposure to different light. Our body clocks tick away in every part of our bodies and in the cells of organs, which is why when jet lag occurs this can trigger other symptoms in the body such as mood swings and even constipation.

It is also thought to have a link to issues ranging from arthritis to poor eyesight and even complications related to surgery, according to the Daily Mail.

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