Oct 31

The Benefits Of Personal Alarms


There are many different adaptations that can be carried out that enable someone to remain independent and living in their own home for longer as they age.

But even if all the requisite changes are made in line with new and evolving mobility issues, accidents can still happen and it is just as important to make sure there are safety nets in place to ensure that someone can come to help if necessary.

There’s a lot of healthcare technology at our disposal these days that can be used to our advantage and personal alarms could prove to be particularly useful for older or less able people who want to feel independent and safe at home.

These alarms allow people to call for assistance if something happens at home and they’re on their own. They provide family and friends with greater peace of mind, as well, as they’re very easy to use and often just feature a single big button that can be pressed if there’s a situation.

There are different types available depending on your specific needs. It may be that you only need a simple wearable device that emits a loud noise to alert someone that you need help. Or you could go for something that’s connected to an emergency response centre.

GPS-enabled alarms are also available that can help keep track of people if necessary, such as for those with dementia.

Something else that could prove useful are fall alarms, which work in a similar way to personal alarms except for the fact that manual operation isn’t necessary. Instead, they detect downward motions by themselves and can send out an alert.

Factors to consider when choosing the right alarm for you include whether there’s a subscription fee, what the distance range is, whether it’s waterproof and how many emergency numbers you can put on the system.


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